Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9, 1865 - The War Ends

On this day, 150 years ago (April 9, 1865) Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant ending the Civil War where 630,000 Americans died on American soil.

May we honor the memory of the brave soldiers who fought that war.

And to my direct descendants in memory of their bravery......

Avery Kirby  (Confederate soldier)- Served in Company F of the 26th North Carolina Troops and was mustered in Lenoir, North Carolina on July 15, 1861. He was wounded at Bristoe Station, Virginia on October 14, 1863 and admitted to Wayside Hospital on July 29, 1864.  His brother, William was also in the war and was wounded at Gettysburg.

Joseph Pleasant (Union soldier) - Served in Company F of the 13th Tennessee Cavalry. Enlisted on September 21, 1863 at Lenoir Station. He was injured on September 4, 1864 when the 13th Tennessee Cavalry mounted an attack on General John Morgan.

Thaddeus Maddy (Confederate Soldier) - Joined the 59th Virginia Regiment in 1861 at only 16 years old. Was mustered out and then served in Company F Virginia Infantry Regiment.  Was captured at Gains Farm (Cold Harbor) June 3, 1864 was taken to White House, Virginia on June 11, 1864, moved to Lookout Point, Maryland and then transferred to Elmira on July 12, 1864. Left Elmira on October 11, 1864 and arrived back at Lookout Point, Maryland , October 14, 1864. Discharged after the war on May 10, 1865


Gabriel Maddy - Detailed by the Confederate Army to provide materials used to make gun powder. Forced to take soldiers across the Greenbrier River, he was found dead with his hand cut off in the river by his boat.

I'd like to end this tribute with the words from "The History of the Thirteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry" written 1903:

"So readers, comrades and friends, we make our final bow, 
asking you to join us 
in an invocation to Deity 
that our beloved land 
may never again be drenched in the fraternal blood, 
but that peace, unity and brotherhood may continue forever and forevermore." 

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