Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Birthday

Eight years ago today, I took Paul to Lake Tahoe for his birthday. When we were retrieving our luggage at the airport  his youngest son walked up behind him and surprised him. Then as we exited the airport and were walking to our car he heard a voice yelling out from the car parked at the curb, "hey old man!" and it was his oldest son calling out to him from the rental car. He was so surprised and happy to see his sons and their wives there. I believe that was the most surprising birthday he ever had, and since Lake Tahoe was one of his favorite places, it was also one of the most enjoyable.

It was not easy to surprise him. For the most part, he didn't like surprises. He didn't even like birthday presents. Who doesn't like birthday presents? Over the years I returned so many presents I bought for him, I finally stopped buying them.

He didn't like parties either, at least not for himself. He would much rather go out somewhere or better yet, on a trip. How do you plan a birthday for someone who doesn't like parties and doesn't like presents?

I remember a day just before his birthday one year when I was in the living room thinking what in the world could I do for his birthday, and in my frustration I yelled into the den  where he was on the computer, "What do you want for your birthday?" He yelled back "Nothing."  So I said "Well, I would like an I-pod for your birthday." He was a little taken back, but said "Oh, well, okay. Get ready and let's go shopping."  You see one of the things he loved to do was shop for electronics (and a good deal), so it was a win- win for both of us. He could shop for electronics on his birthday and I could get the present. I  finally found out what he enjoyed doing on his birthday!

Every year before his birthday he would say to me, "What do you want for my birthday this year?"

So this year I bought myself an I-pad. Happy birthday, Honey!  Wish you were here!


  1. He would be proud of the good deal you got on it! Happy Bday Paul! We all miss you!

  2. What sweet memories and what a great way to celebrate your bday with a new ipad.

    Belated Happy Birthday ~ FlowerLady

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