Monday, March 10, 2014

The King Gives a Banquet

Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a king. A king who ruled the land with power and might.

All the people both far and near feared this mighty king for he had been king as long as anyone could remember and it was said he had been king since time began and would be king for all time to come.

One day the king decided to have a banquet for all his people. As the servants prepared this banquet, the likes of which no one had ever seen before and will never see again, the king called for his messengers and sent them out into the country, and the city, and the churches and the streets and homes of the people to invite them to his banquet.

The messengers invited the first man,  but he said, "Oh, I can't come now. I just bought a new house and I have to stay here and work so I can earn the money to pay for it."

Next the messengers found a young woman and she said, "No, I can't come now. I just got married and I must stay here with my husband."

Another man told them, "I just bought a beautiful new car and I haven't even driven it yet. I have to stay here. Maybe I'll come later."

So the messengers went back and told the king all that had happened and what everyone said. The king was disappointed that the people didn't want to come to his banquet because he was making a special place for each person at his table. So he sent his messengers out again, and this time they went to the prisons, and to the homeless shelters and to the dark streets and alleys and to those who had never even heard of the king, and they brought them in to the banquet.

Then one of the messengers said to the king, " Your Majesty, we have done what you said and invited all the people, but there is still room at your banquet." So the king told the messengers to go to every country, both near and far, and to the far corners of the earth and bring all that would come to his banquet.

So the messengers brought people from both near and far, good and bad, with pink hair, purple hair, body piercings, tattoos, those who were unable to walk by themselves, those who were limping and in wheelchairs, those with leprosy, cancer, and every type of illness, the sick and the healthy, and every nationality on the earth.  And the hall was filled with guests. This made the king very happy.

As each guest arrived they were given a gift from the king, a robe for them to wear.  It was long and full, and beautifully adorned,

and it covered all their infirmities.

As the king greeted all his guests, he noticed there was a man who was not wearing the gift he had given his guests. The king asked the man "Why have you refused the gift I gave you, the robe that covers you?" The man could not answer the king.  The king instructed his servants to tie the man up and throw him outside into the darkness.

The king said "I have invited many, but few chose to come."

Matthew 22:1-14
Luke 14:15-23


  1. What a beautiful interpretation of this scripture. Thank you.


    1. Thank you FlowerLady. God bless you!

  2. You have a gentle touch with Scripture - a blessing and a gift.