Monday, March 3, 2014

Son of God - The Movie

For all my friends who are considering going to the theater to watch the movie "Son of God", here's my review of the movie. I know this won't be a spoiler for anyone, since you all know how the movie ends, so I'll give you my opinion on a few of the scenes and the movie as a whole. If you saw the movie, I would like to hear your thoughts.

I liked the way it began with the apostle John quoting John 1:1 "In the Beginning."

Then as the movie got started and they were showing Abraham and Noah, I thought "isn't this the same as "The Bible" mini series? Did I just pay money to watch this at the movie when I watched it for free on TV in my living room last year?  I tend to be a little pessimistic that way.

Yes, it was much the same as the mini series, however, once  Jesus was portrayed on the big screen with all his compassion and love for people, I couldn't help but get settled in to watch the movie and found I was enjoying it.

The scene with Jesus and Peter in the boat catching fish was memorable.  You could see that Peter was not sure what was going to happen next, but he was so drawn to Jesus that he had to follow him. And the sound of the big screen gave me a feeling that I was watching this scene unfold between Jesus and Peter. This was one of my favorite scenes in the movie!

Peter was someone I could relate to throughout the movie. He was so excited to see Jesus out on the water and had the faith to step out of the boat and onto the water, quickly lost faith, and then sank. Yet there were times when you could see his faith, and then he ran away and denied Jesus three times.

This movie was about Jesus and his life. The life he gave for mankind. And I believe it was portrayed well. It showed his compassion for man. Like when he fed the hungry, healed the lame man, touched the children, saved the woman who was going to be stoned, called Matthew the tax collector, and raised Lazarus from the dead.

The only flaw I can give to this movie, and I don't know how it could have been made otherwise, was the crucifixion. It was agonizing. I don't really know how long it lasted, but it seemed to go on forever. I did not watch most of it. I covered my eyes and wept. I knew exactly what was happening by the sounds. I kept thinking it must be almost over, or I would have gotten up and went to the restroom, as many did at that time. When I finally heard that sword slide out of the sheath to pierce his side, I was nauseous, but it was finally over.

I would have preferred to see more of Jesus after his resurrection and less of his crucifixion. However, they did show him resurrected at the tomb, which was a great scene, and in the room with his disciples, and on a hill before he ascended.

It was a very good movie. Most definitely worth watching. If I were you I would take a break and go stretch my legs during the crucifixion scene. Believe me, you have plenty of time.


  1. Great review Donna! Thanks for posting!

  2. I've not seen this movie yet. I believe several of us from our widow's group are going to see this together. The last movie I went to at a theater was 'The Passion' with my husband. We bought the DVD later and watched it around Easter.

    I wanted to let you know that your latest post is not showing up on your blog, so I only got to read the first paragraph or so from the announcement of it. I hope it will be up there soon for us all to read.

    I wish you a "Happy Anniversary" next week. One filled with love, joy, thankfulness and wonderful memories.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Thank you for your well wishes FlowerLady and for letting me know my blog post was not showing up. I re-posted it and I think it's fixed now.