Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letting Go of Things

It can be difficult to let go of the "things" that give us a feeling of connection to our loved one.  I can look at some of the things that belonged to my husband and be taken back in time to a place of good health, of laughter, and of great times we shared together.
I've had a boat tied up to my dock for the past 18 months since my husband's death that is one of those special "things." I look at it and I can remember all the evenings we enjoyed on the lake together and the special times we spent with our family and friends. I can see the grand kids sitting on his lap driving the boat. It holds special, loving memories.
I don't take the boat out by myself. I don't mind driving it, but my docking skills leave a lot to be desired! I'm afraid I'll take out the side of the boat when I try to bring it in. 

So I've been considering selling it, but each time I think about it, I have all these memories that I guess I'm somehow afraid I will lose. I think about how we shopped for the boat together and all the boat shows we went to, and how excited we were when we actually did find just the right boat at a boat show. My husband was so excited to buy the boat that we bought it three months before we moved into our house and set the delivery date for the day we were moving in. I keep thinking to myself, how could I sell something he loved so much? So what should I do? Keep a boat I don't use? 
My husband wasn't a sentimental person when it came to "things." I guess that is why it wasn't hard for me to give away his clothes. I knew  he would want someone else to have them. 
I started thinking about some of the conversations we had about finances before he passed away and knowing how frugal he was, I could just hear his voice in my ear saying, "It's time to sell the boat." I knew I wasn't keeping it for him. He isn't here. He is in Heaven in a perfect place where he wants for nothing. I'm not keeping him happy by keeping his boat. He has eternal joy and happiness.  It was just a way for me to feel a link to him and to something that made him happy once. But he doesn't need it anymore.
And neither do I. So that was it!  I made the decision and I knew it was right. It was time for someone else to enjoy that boat with their family driving their grand kids around on their lap.
The boat is gone now. The new buyer just picked it up today.

I still have all my wonderful memories that I have stored up in my heart and letting go of the boat did nothing to change them. I am confident that I did the right thing and it feels good to take another step forward.

For where your treasure is
there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21
My treasure is in the Lord and my heavenly home where all my family that have gone before me will be waiting for me when I get there.


  1. Hard stuff - this letting go. It's true - these items are just that - items - but remembering that our beloved's hands touched them and found joy in them makes the letting go so painful.

  2. Thank you, "His Sparrow." You're right. Very hard stuff. Some days are two steps forward, some two steps back. Just taking one baby step at a time.