Thursday, October 17, 2013

If I was in Heaven and you were here

Would you wish you had told me you loved me more,
or wonder what you're living for?
Would the thought of me make your heart groan?
Would you hate to go to bed alone?
Would you miss me when the mourning dove sings?
Would you cry when you give away my things?
Would your body be tired but unable to sleep?
Would you think you saw me in the street?
Would you miss holding my hand when you're gray?
Would you ask God why I went away?
Would you think of me when you sit on the beach?
Would the memories leave you unable to speak?
Would you try to remember what I looked like?
Would you sleep with my picture by your side?
Would you tell people that you're doing fine
and wonder if you're out of your mind?
Would you see people laughing and think how can it be?
How can they laugh and be happy and free?
Would you smell the orange blossoms in the spring
and remember it's one of my favorite things?
If I was in Heaven and you were here
would you ask God please, to send you there?
Well, I'm not in heaven, and you're not here
but someday I will meet you there.

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